Saturday, 22 December 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Firstly from all of us at
Denim~N~Dust Western Wear & Saddlery
we'd like to wish you all
a Very Merry Christmas!!
& Happy New Year!!
It's been a busy time of year between filling Christmas orders & organising our cattle brand.
Storm season has also well & truly arrived & on Monday night at around 11pm we experienced a mini tornado that took out 2 of our garden sheds & the power.
Was quite a scary experience listening to it roar & shake the house with the thunder & lightning & pouring rain crashing all around.
Thankfully none of our stock were injured by the flying debris.
We had the chopper booked for the next day so it was straight into the muster at daylight on Tuesday morning.
We use a chopper to help us muster one of our bigger paddocks, 'Rolling Hills' paddock.  The chopper brings the cows, calves & bulls down from the hills to the flat below where we are waiting on our horses.  From there we drive them down the fence line into a lane that leads straight to the yards.
We then let the cattle cool down in the yard for about an hour while we go back to the homestead for smoko.  Throughout this cooling down period the cattle are able to settle down & have a drink & recover from their walk to the yards.
After smoko we head back out & draft all the calves off the cows ready to brand in the afternoon.

Sometimes there are calves that are orphan poddy's for a multitude of reasons.  On this day we found one little malnourished charbray heifer that was half the size she should have been for her age.  So she came home with us to be supplemented with milk replacer & grain to ensure that she can get all her nutritional requirements & grow into a big, strong productive cow.  Miss 5 named her Snow White and she is currently in my houseyard thriving.


Monday, 10 December 2012

Last week of school...

It's our last week of school this week & there is much excitement in the air as we put up our Christmas decorations & go seaching for the perfect tree.  Santa will even be making a special appearance at our Kindy Christmas party tonight!.
We still have loads of great gift ideas in stock ready to ship at
On the home front it's still extremely hot, dry & dusty & we are anxiously waiting for our now overdue wet season.  The storm birds & the frogs have been singing of late so I hope that they are right in their predictions & we see a decent wet soon, & that they aren't just being eternal optimists!.
Tom, one of my grown up poddies.  Now a big, 12 year old bullock.